Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Liberal Media, Now With Extra Added Democrat Hating

Ira Forman, via HuffPo (emphasis mine):
A decade ago, I debated Ballabon in New York. I represented the Democratic Jewish community while he spoke on behalf of Republican Jews. During the debate, Ballabon claimed that, after his most recent job in Washington, he became convinced that Democrats are inherently bad people and Republicans are fundamentally good people.
D'ja notice? Democrats are fundamentally bad people. Not Democratic congressmen, not Democratic politicians, but Democrats, without modification.

If you're just regular ol' Joe or Janet Democrat, working your fingers to the bone, playing by the rules, paying your taxes, wondering where you're going to get the money to keep food on your family and a roof over your heads, even if you never broken a law and don't intend on doing so, it just doesn't matter, if you're a Democrat, you're Inherently Bad™. You're unredeemable. They're not even going to try.

Can you see why I keep saying that we must not allow conservative Republicans anywhere near the levers of power ever again (if you're still so naive as to think that the last eight years of travail were just sh*t happening)?

Oh, by the way, Jeff Ballabon has been named Senior Vice President for Communications at CBS News.

More tarnish for the Tiffany Network. Bill Paley is surely rolling in his grave now, if the appointment of Katie Couric, Actual Professional Journalist™ to the marquee spot didn't do it.

Hey, CBS News, how's that lowest ratings since the early 80's goin' for ya?

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