Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Bob Tiernan's World. Michael Steele Just Lives There.

One of the eternal verities in Republican politics is that regardless of what's actually happened in reality (the one you and I get to live in), Republican World is full of virtuous heroes whos mere manly presence (sometimes, even the women) swings The Great Events in The Direction They Must Go.

They make the wheels turn correctly, for all our sakes. And we reward them by electing Democrats to office ... the cheek!

Anyway! It is with eye highly jaundiced, then, that I note that the Shadout Mapes apparently is apparently on that amazing Republican's, Bob Tiernan's speed dial:

At any rate, Tiernan's thrilled because he was one of the whips for the Steele candidacy and says he was with him from the beginning.
Well, we'll give Mr T. the benefit of the doubt on this one. It's an interestingly-crafted statement, that's sure.
"Oregon's going to have some very close ties to the new team," Tiernan said, "and it's going to benefit us."
Just what we all needed with a dynamic new Democrat in the White House ... close ties with a bunch of Republicans who've lost thier way. I don't know what kind of benefits that's supposed to accrue to Oregon, but after twelve years of Republican benefits, I'll take a pass, thanks.

Tiernan said he was attracted to Steele by his dynanism and ability to articulate Republican values. He said Steele's ethnicity helps bust the stereotype that the GOP is a "party of old white guys who only care about business."

This is part of The Problem With Republicans™. Merely electing a black man to lead a party of old white guys that only care about business explodes the stereotype that the GOP is a cabal of old, rich white guys.

It just "busts" the stereotype. It doesn't actually change the fact that the GOP is a party of old white guys who only care about business.

These people care so much about message they think message is all there is to care about. If there's one thing national Republicans lately have taught us is that they haven't changed at all.
So, I'm glad Mr T.'s thrilled, and feels as though he's played a pivotal part (I wonder how many whips there were for the Steele candidacy? Three? Five? Fifty? And when I hear "whip" near the word "Republican", why do I think "leather"?), because in Republican World, you have to be at the center.

But I'm not buyin' it.

I quit giving the Republican party the benefit of the doubt some time back.

And if I had Mr T. calling me to chat, I'd be considering "restraining order".

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