Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oregonians Give A Damn ... About $130 Million's Worth

With these people with us, who'll be agin' us?

Last week, State Treasurer Ben Westlund called on Oregonians to “Buy Oregon Bonds” and help finance public works projects that will create jobs and energize the economy.
On Monday, Oregonians responded -- and in a record-setting way.
Individual investors placed orders for more than half of the State’s first sale of 2009, which was posted for retail presale on Monday and was fully committed today.
The public had the first shot at placing orders -- known as “retail sales” and handled though brokers – and those orders added up to $130 million of the available total of $223 million in certificates of participation. The remaining bonds were sold today, by bid, to institutional investors such as bond mutual funds, and property and casualty insurance firms.

Now if they'll just stop voting for Bill Sizemore's/Kevvy Mannix's bullcrap, my faith in humaniti will be restored.

But no mistake: well done here, Oregonians. I'm proud of you.

(source: State Treasurer's Website)

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