Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In The Absence Of Randi, NovaM Becomes "On Second Thought"

La Affaire Rhodes II continues to evolve, in new and decidedly odd ways. To someone like me, who's been listening to talk radio long enough that he doesn't remember what it was like to listen to it for pop music, it's pretty unprecedented.

In a business that is an inscrutable miasma to the vox pop, this kicks it up another notch (via

The finger pointing between host Randi Rhodes
and her network Nova M is over, and so is Nova M. Network GM Eric
Reinert tells R&R that Nova M is no longer an entity and that a new
company called On Second Thought LLC has been formed and is moving
forward. Both Reinart and Rhodes' lawyer Robert V. Gaulin confirm that
Rhodes is no longer associated with the group.

I just with someone would have explained just what the name NovaM meant anyway. Now, we'll never know.

The new name, "On Second Thought" sounds so passive and nice. The evolution is going sloppily as well, the only thing replaced on the website being the top banner (which looks decidedly amateur) and Randi Rhodes information still on the thing.

Stay tuned to this space. If anyone can figure out what's going on here, I'd be thrilled to know too.

(To read the entire text of the article, go to and type "Randi Rhodes" in the search box. The article is not linkilicious.)

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