Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'll Tell You What I Think Of Tolling I-205

James Mayer, The Oregonian today:
Maybe it was the lateness of the hour. Maybe it was the lack of
notice. Maybe it was the absence of a real proposal. Maybe people were
just tired after two-and-half hours of testimony on another issue.

But whatever the reason, the Portland City Council's effort to gauge
public opinion about the idea of tolling the Glenn Jackson Bridge
attracted little attention last night.

Tolling Interstate 205 is an idea that has gained political momentum
as local leaders grow weary of a shortage of money for transportation
maintenance and expansion. 

Well, I'm glad they're getting weary about it. In this era of less and less TriMet service to the underserved Outer Eastside, We've been kind of weary about it for a while.

And that's our trusty City Council, waiting until people were least likely to comment before floating the issue.

And then they wonder why Portlanders are so cynical about their city government.

Oh, what do I think of tolling I-205 (Specifically, the Glenn Jackson Bridge)?

I think they're lucky there's no alternative routes over the Columbia River there, that's what I think.

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