Monday, February 23, 2009

Locke for Commerce? Good Choice. (Updated)

It's still frustratingly a buzz, but one with weight, that former Washington Gov Gary Locke's name has bobbed to the top of the bobbing-for-Secretary-of-Commerce tub.

He may not be the best, but is certainly less worse than anyone who's been nommed so far.

Update, to provide a bit of a brighter perspective:

There's no denying the success of his tenure, though, both politically and economically. Washington State farmers and manufacturers remember his governorship as a time of new markets opening to new products. His efforts on behalf of our agricultural interests, in particular, helped him make political inroads east of the Cascade Curtain that are still producing benefits to our Party, and created new jobs (good union jobs, mostly) on the docks and ships that are so critical to our economy. Commerce? I think Gary's always spelled it with a capital "C."

There should be no bar to confirmation here. Gary's not the kind of guy who's left a trail of uncrossed 't's behind himself. He's such an Eagle Scout that he actually is an Eagle Scout.

Kyped from UpperLeft. That line about being an Eagle Scout? Wish I'd have said it.

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  1. "...certainly less worse than anyone who's been nommed so far"

    – as a former Washington resident I have known the Locke name for a great many years. Through good times and bad, Locke has been a lot of things to Washington. Never the "best", but yes, never the worst either - always "less worse" than the alternative.

    Great description, how absolutely dead on the money.