Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr T. Ethics Complaint FAIL

(via.) The ethics complaint, filed by the Oregon Republican Party by way of Bob "Mr T" Tiernan, who was fully prepared to Pity The Fool™ went right into File 13, as Carla "The Unimpeachable" Axtman of BO tells us.

The Salem Statesman-Journal:

But the Senate Select Committee on
Conduct agreed with an opinion from Legislative Counsel Dexter Johnson,
who said Courtney cannot receive a "direct pecuniary benefit" from WOU
as a result of the bond proceeds and that WOU is a state agency, not a
business that operates for economic gain.

conclude that such a declaration was not necessary in this case,
because we believe Senator Courtney's vote on these bills does not
create a potential conflict of interest," Johnson wrote in his opinion,
which was made public Tuesday.

two Democrats and two Republicans on the committee said they would
recommend no further action as part of their findings to the full

"All of us have gotten
into the habit of declaring a conflict, whether there is one or not,"
said Sen. Jackie Winters, R-Salem, who is the vice chairwoman.

Two Democrats ... and two Republicans. And, if we gave out a "McCall Republican of the Week" award, Jackie Winters would win it in a walk.

But in her remark you can find the germ of the strategy and tactics of the growing-irrelevant-by-the-day Oregon Republican Party: just make trouble. Make trouble for Democrats, make trouble for working people. Without knowing it, she just made Mr T's mission statement for him.

I wonder how long there will be room in the Republican Party for Jackie; after all, she's apparently sane and has a conscience.

Yeah, with that sort of "Mr T"-brand brainpower running the show, I'm sure that the Republicans will vault right back into the majority.

Monkeys may also fly out my backside.

I shall alert the media if this does occur.

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