Thursday, February 26, 2009

"When the town is burning you don't check party labels. Everybody needs to grab a hose."

Waldport Mayor Herman Welch has left the Republican Party for the independents, incidentally making him the first (as far as the Independent Party of Oregon knows) independent public office-holder in Oregon.

See ya, wouldn't wanta be ya:
At the age of 74 and after 53 years, I have finally quit the Republican Party and have re-registered as an independent voter.

Most of us understand that the president's economic recovery program
is not perfect and perhaps has flaws. But we also understand that our
country is in the midst of a very serious crisis. The president
understands the gravity of the problem and is trying to do something
about it.

The Republicans in Congress (except for the three who put their
country first and set aside party ideology by voting for the stimulus
bill) have offered no constructive economic recovery ideas except to
continue tax cuts for the rich (if any are left) and offer only
worn-out ideology.

I still believe in having political parties that engage in vigorous
constructive dialogue on economic issues, but as President Obama said
recently, "When the town is burning you don't check party labels.
Everybody needs to grab a hose."

(the above from his Oregonian Letter To The Editor of the 22nd)

He's taking what I like to call The Chinuk Prescription: If you're sane enough to leave the Republican Party and can't stomach the idea of being a Democrat, at least register independent.

Moreover I'd add here that if you have senior-age Mayors of small conservative coastal towns deserting your party, you're not getting ahead. This guy supported you since the waning days of Ike.

Republicans never liked thier elders if they spoke sense anyway.

Welcome to reality, Mayor Welch.


  1. You might find it hard to believe, but I'd actually like to be able to say something nice about the (R) bunch. A bunch of my friends and a couple of my family belong to that 'ilk' and I'm kind of ashamed for them to have such a pathetic bunch representing them.

    thanks for stopping by & Following. BTW you'll find yourself on my sidebar, now.

  2. Chuck, I've wondered how it was for you out in Baker County. That's the Reddest of Red Oregon. You must have quite a task out there.

    I'll reciprocate the favor. I've always liked the cut of your jib.

  3. I'm County Chair of Baker County Democrats - DPO and yes politics is rather a bit of a tough thing. I appreciate the compliment, no kidding.