Thursday, February 5, 2009 Still, No Respect

In embedded in a rather interesting read about The Oregonian's boat not rocking so hard in current times:
An oft-referenced problem is the Oregonian’s struggle to leverage
new technologies. The paper does not have a website of its own;
official content is posted to The website is operated
by Advance Internet, a subsidiary of the Newhouse-owned parent company.
Though the distinction is fine to outside observers, the result has
been that the Oregonian is stuck with a site that is badly
designed, hard to navigate, and not representative of the day's
newspaper. Little of the print Oregonian’s front page makes it
to the top of the website, where most space is taken up by what is
kindly called soft news. The site is also noticeably devoid of
multimedia and social networking opportunities, deal killers for
readers under 30. (Maybe 40.)

Yep, I'll agree there. OregonLive (Or OLive as some wags call it) is a bit hard to find anything on. Try finding the police scanner lately? And we like the Shadout Mapes' blog quite mucho. But if you don't have 'em bookmarked, it's a pain to find.

Hey, Advance! Since now people from Seattle are mocking Oregonlive, will you please do somethinng about it now? KTHX.

(via this dude)

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