Monday, February 9, 2009

Headline Follies: Yup. That'll Usually Do It.

For a bit of black humor today, nothing beats awkwardly written headlines. Today, we travel to Italy, where the PM, Silvio Berlusconi, was driving for a law that would force the loved ones of a lady who'd been in the famous "persistive vegetative state" (hate that, sounds like we're waiting for harvest time) for 17 years.

It all sounds like an Italian version of the Schiavo case, complete with sanctimonious conservatives being melodramatic in public, though as far as I can see, it didn't have any Senator committing malpractice by diagnosing the patient from the chamber floor.

Anyhow! Showing the wry, dark humor I enjoy so much in a well-done headline, the pointlessness of the initiative to keep the lady alive in spite of her status change is well illustrated by the phrase:

Italian coma woman’s death
ends Berlusconi’s bid to keep her alive

Well, if nothing else ends it, that certainly would.

RIP, Italian Coma Woman. We scarcely knew ya.

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