Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obama-Changing Minds, Winning Hearts

A particularly inspiring "man-up" on the Democratic Underground message boards:

During the primary, I was worried, even frantic, that Obama did not have the practical experience to be president. I was afraid we were nominating a slogan while throwing away a first class lady like Hillary Clinton.

Well, it seems I was mistaken. The President is doing a first rate job. He's smart, shrewd, tough and above all right. I saw the press conference last night and no longer saw Lincoln. This time, I saw FDR.

I am still pro-Hillary and I am glad to see we did not just ignore her abilities. After eight years of habitual screw-ups, the voting public finally got it right. The President is exactly who we need right now.

Regardless of what any whiny Republicans say, this poster had it right.

Actually, I'm pro-Hillary too. Always had been.

The best person won, but that doesn't mean the worst person lost. And, hey, we have Hill as State now. This, I believe, is what's known in the biz as a "win-win".

The Republicans can come along, or be on the wrong side of history. Seriously.

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