Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ass. Kick. Curb.

The always-readable (and posessed of a gimlet-like wit) James Wolcott on the demise of the Fuzzy-Drop'ems Media Blog Network and its most aggrieved victim, Protein Wisdom:

I don't gloat over anyone's loss of income in these parlous times,but I must say the brainstorming ideas of Jeff's chipmunk army as to the next possible stage of operations strike me as singularly unhelpful, impractically poppycock, ranging from "hold a fundraiser" to debating whether the next incarnation (if any) of Protein Wisdom should emphasize semiotics, boobs and guns, or define/refine/propogate "classical liberalism"** (that'll really draw them into the sideshow
tent). Between pouts and cryptic mutterings, Goldstein himself indulges in this almost endearing twitch of slapping leather and proclaiming himself an OUTLAW, sort of like James Lileks gone bad-ass. I suggest JG spend an absorbing evening watching The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and ponder the glum fate of those who adopt the outlaw lifestyle and have to ride lonesome in bleak weather. Sadly, salvos of internecine recrimination have already broken out between Goldstein's sidekicks and Roger L. Simon's baroncy (over Simon's haughty sideswipe at the disgruntled bloggers for behaving like a gaggle of welfare queens "kicking and screaming now that they are off the dole"), an outbreak of hostilities of which of course I heartily approve and encourage.

James Wolcott is the shiznit, yo. If you read him and don't enjoy him, you're probably brain-damaged. At the very least, you're a humorless Republican.

Append: Just a thought; I find it ironic that the person complaining the most and getting the most attention is a blogger with the same name as the #1 boogieman in 1984, which is of course a cautionary tale about why the Republican party shouldn't be allowed to touch anything for very long.

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