Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something Positive To Check Out ... Sesquicentennialy Speaking

We know we're a bit LTTP on this, but we just started this blog like, last week, yo.

We are amazingly arrogant about being a native-born Oregonian, so this makes us happy. The Oregon Sesquicentennial Celebration, Oregon150, is here.

There's a bunch of stuff to see and do, but if you're like us and on a budget, it pays just to get reacquainted with state history, and Oregon 150 will do that for you.

We did hear that, on Oregon's birthday, the cities of Oregon City, Eugene, and Corvallis will appear at the State House and submit demands to have the State Capitol moved back to those respective towns.

Oregon's Capital City designation did some hoppin' around in the early days of the state. Our favorite story concerns the amazing short tenure of Corvallis, which was State Capital just long enough for them to vote to move it elsewhere.

Anyway, good fun all around. Go visit.

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