Friday, February 27, 2009

Joe-The-Plumber: Not The Draw CPAC Hoped, Maybe (11 Showed Up, 5 Books Sold-Update)

Garrett Quinn, attending the misama that is CPAC, via Wonkette:
Joe-the-Plumber spoke to 1/4 full room. It was pathetic. I got video of how f**king empty the room was. I tried to make an echo off the walls but I got yelled at. Video to come.
One of the draws of this unholy confab was, of course, Mr Potemkin Village himself, Samuel "Joe the "Not Really A" Plumber" Wurzelbackhoe. I heard an offhand comment by Thom Hartmann on his morning show that only a handful of people attended his 'talk' and even fewer (less than ten) walked off with a book signed by him.

Oh, and you know what ol' "Joe the Plumhead" said about members of Congress that didn't support the Iraq war?

He said they should be shot.

"Joe the Plumhead" has boundless contempt for you. He's just too dumb to know that's what it is.

Now, America, I'm going to tell you one. more. time: Don't. Ever. Let. These. People. Near. The. Levers. Of. Power. Again!

Are you listening yet?

Update: As detailed in the title, a grand total of 11 showed up to see the New Brain of the Republican Machine. And 5 bought his "book". According to John Aravosis.

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