Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Know Times Are Bad When They Cut 1/3 Of The Comics

... but, they're going to be in color. Peter Bhatia at The Oregonian's editor blog:

Like many other businesses, The Oregonian must cut expenses because of the economy. Regrettably, we will reduce the number of daily comic strips we publish from 33 to about 23 in order to save newsprint and the cost of purchasing comics. At the same time, we will begin publishing the daily comics in color, which we hope adds to your enjoyment of the comics page.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, yes.

The Oregonian has always been rather generous with the comeeks. While the lineup has changed over the years, it's been a two-page spread in a world of 1-page comic spreads since the old Oregon Journal folded; the Journal comics were simply folded into it and it was a two-page party ever since.

Or, as my spouse said "I remember the gas crisis of the 70's. I remember the recession in the 80's. It never got this bad." My spouse, I've said to others, ought to write editorials. Tends to hobbyhorse some issues to death, but few minds are keener.

So take an unfunny look at the funny page (for me, starting with Close to Home usually does it), figure out which ones you can do without, and vote here. It's a best three/worst three sort of thing (the URL is http://biz.oregonian.com/comicsurvey).

Oh, by the way, there's already eight who are coming into Oregonian Survivor: Comics Island with an immunity challenge. They are:
  1. Adams' Apples
  2. Dilbert
  3. Doonesbury
  4. Get Fuzzy
  5. Mother Goose and Grimm
  6. Pearls Before Swine
  7. Stone Soup
  8. Zits
Good luck to the rest o'yall's.

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