Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Congressman Walden: Putting the "con" in Congress

Greg Walden, the lone R amongst the Ds Oregon's sending to Congress, show's he's putting the "con" (as in against, not as in convicted for something) in Congress (as one wit once noted, if con is the opposite of pro, is not Congress the opposite of Progress (and we'd say yes, when it's dominated by Republicans)) by furrowing is brow, shaking his head, and showing concern about the size of the President's stimulus package.

I was listening to KPOJ right now, and heard The Talented Mr Walden squeeze off a few crocodile tears about the amazing price of the legislation designed to keep the economy from going into a Weimar-style tank. He really sounded sincere there, and reminded us all that the Democrats better start listening to Republicans if they want to get anything through.

But you need to be reminded, probably, that back when the first half of the TARP funds were given out ... you know, the $350mil with no oversight, that when the Congress asked where the money was going they said "frak you", and that they still aren't lending out ... Mr Walden was there for them.

Now that it's time to help you out? Feh. You aren't a bank. Who cares?

Choosing clips well, the KPOJ report had Congressman Baird, Democrat of Washington's third, reminding him indirectly that he can show as much concern as he wants, his team lost the game they played in November, and it's past time he and his teammates remembered that.

Try telling that to a Republican. And why does it take a Washington congressman to explain reality to an Oregon one? That's kind of embarrassing.

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