Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Braindrizzle NW: Nobody's Buying

The Unimpeachable (unlike many Republicans) Carla Axtman:

As our Republican friends often like to remind us: ideas, personalities and entities should sink or swim in the market on their own merits, or lack thereof. It would appear that at least in magazine form, the marketplace of ideas has spoken out loud and strong against an important periodical of Republican/Conservative concepts: Brainstorm NW.

Ah, yes. The marketplace of ideas. The one which can never sell anything conservative unless someone makes people buy it. That marketplace.

Isn't it strange that Republicans are against Darwinism in general ... but Social Darwinisim? They're all for it until they lose, at which point, It Isn't Fair™.

I was able to get Braindrizzle NW free in many places.

It was worth exactly what I paid for it.

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