Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Tweety Congress

I'll take the contrary view here.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer re-snarks Sen McCain on a tweet mocking the Oregon Solar Highway and it's a Twitter War?

There's only two remarks there. Of course, Earl's does win the "Nuke 'em From Orbit–it's The Only Way To Be Sure" prize. Sen McCain should know better than to lead with his chin like that.

But I've read the tweets from Rep Earl during the President's address to Congress and aside from the remark about Teleprompter Jindal, I found it all kind of banal.

Sen McCain's tweets, which include such semi-inscrutable awkward stabs at wit such as 150,000 for lobster research - similar to lobster managment?, see the sea turtles on your $238,000 Polynesian Voyage, and $900,000 for fish management - how does one manage a fish..., some of these bon mots separated by an hour or more, just leave me unimpressed.

Now, I don't want to be hating on Rep. Earl–I'm a huge fan. And I guess the thing about Twitter is it's all so immediate! But it just seems to be making the idea of knowing it all right now seems so pointless.

I think Twittering makes you kind of stupid.

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