Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Win Free Maher/Coulter Tix If You Were In Boston

NB: The contest is over, and the tix have already been awarded

Funny for the day: The Boston Phoenix just concluded a contest where the winner gets two tickets to an upcoming debate between Bill Maher and Ann Coulter. To enter, one had to correctly guess a list of three things the two actually had in common.

My favorite was from one Michael Denham, who wrote:

They both are belligerent, get surprisingly large media coverage, and are both men.

Well you can't please everyone, I suppose. For the record, the answers were:

  1. They both attended Cornell.
  2. They've both written New York Times Best Sellers.
  3. Neither has ever been married.

The author of the post also pointed out that both dated New York Times best-selling authors; to be exact, Dinesh D'Souza and porn star Karrine Steffans, which I have trouble believing completely. After all, I can see Ann Coulter dating Karrine Steffans, but I just don't think Dinesh D'Sousa is Maher's type, seriously.

PS: You were'nt going to Boston anyway. Don't lie to me!


  1. I think it was Maher dating Steffans. Here's a pic of her on his arm: http://www.aolcdn.com/channels/09/04/44514dc3-001ba-00a6a-400cb8e1

    Kevin from PK

  2. Oyeah, I know. I was trying to maek funnay ironic joak there.

    Interesting that you didn't find it odd that Coulter should be stepping out with a hot female pr0n star. ;-)

    I did see the photo, and she is quite hot.

  3. No, it's more that I find everything about Coulter creepy and prefer not to even think about who would willingly "her."


  4. indyvoter: fair enough. I get the same feelings when I think about ... that.