Thursday, March 12, 2009

Portland Now Officially Over-rated

The Oregonian: "Portland Has Weak Showing In Manliness Rating":

Portland has been rated the 47th manliest city in the U.S., but before we reach for our color-coordinated hankies, let's note that Los Angeles and New York finished 49th and 50th -- out of 50 -- and that the list was commissioned by "the cheese-filled snack of NASCAR."

I've never thought of NASCAR as a cheese-filled snack though.

Will the rating lists never end? Oh, boy, that's got to be the Number One most irritating and irrelevant ...

... oh, wait, now I'm doing it too! Crap!


  1. Yes, at least we have Unicorns. Ahh. We must be the number one most important American city with ...

    Gaaah! I'm doing it again!