Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Malloy Econ Contributor Prairie2 Now Has Own Blog

Regular listeners to and fans of the Mike Malloy program know to listen for economic insights from a regular email correspondent known only by the email moniker Prairie2.

The correspondent, dubbed by Mike the shows "Economics Bureau Chief" (regular callers to the Malloy program occaisionally get dubbed some Bureau Chief or another, it's a show custom and a sign you've arrived) is known by regular listeners as someone who obviously thinks long, deeply, and hard about the economy and the danger we're all in, and writes honestly and, moreover, simply enough the be read by anyone. He's kind of a Paul Krugman for the blog set. Most of us find his (hers?) thoughts and opinions challenging and thought-provoking, and one of the other reasons why the Malloy program is a regular listen.

If you don't hav the time or inclination to listen to the Malloy program to get your dose of Prairie2, P2 has finally set up their own blog where you can get the goods direct/subscribe via RSS/whatever.

Your points of contact are:

Worth your while, I say.


  1. Thanks!! I kept meaning to look this person up, after hearing Mike read his stuff. He really made some sense on the AIG thing - first time I've really understood it.

  2. That fellow's brilliant. We all have to get a grasp of economics if we're going to survive whatever's to come, at least so we can know which way and how to jump when the moment comes.

    Prairie2 does it better than anyone online except Paul Krugman.