Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sam Video: Sometimes You Have To Back Off Aways To Look At Things ...

If Brian Hines is any indication, then about fifty miles should be about right to get some perspective on it:

Dudes, you all need to get out more. Spend some time on Comedy Central, where my wife and I hang out a lot. Laugh more and judge less. Loosen up.

Neither the world, nor Portland, is coming to an end because the Mayor, a city commissioner, and rock star Storm Large had some fun making fun of Adams' gayness for a Portland tradition, Candidates Gone Wild.

We couldn't have said it better. Brian Hines has nailed it here.

Read the whole article. It's instructive. And be glad you don't live in Salem.

We need to get over this one, or it's going to reflect more on the complainers than the complained-on. Indeed, it may already be doing so, if you've read the comments over at Jack Bog's Blog.

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