Monday, March 9, 2009

Post-Nova M: Mike Malloy Still Broadcasting, Podcasts To Be Free (For A Little While Anyway)

Commenter "fellixe" left me this information on the previous posting regarding the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I'm moving it up to a posting because there's exciting news strongly suggesting that we won't be going without Mike Malloy anytime soon:

Hi again. On the Rhodes Scholars board it was passed along that Ben Burch, all around tech guru and web master of the former Nova M among other progressive media concerns, has posted on Mike Malloy's message board that he would be moving podcasts from the Nova M and On Second Thought to

Ben's message was as follows:
Hey guys!

Yeah, had my machine crash at the worst time.

Quality will improve tomorrow as we plan to stream directly rather than repeating an affiliate stream with FOUR re-encodings in the chain!

As I said in another thread, podcasts will no longer be via OST, they will be on White Rose, and I am moving gigabytes of audio around as fast as I can to make that happen.

There will eventually be a subscription service. Sooner rather than later, but when it starts it will be temporarily free.


I don't know if this effects all the material formerly available to
Founders' Club members of Nova M or not, but I guess it's the best
place to start looking.

I feel somewhat visionary; I wanted for so long to join Nova M Founders Club so I could get me premium Malloy content and podcasts but money has indeed been that tight, and I always felt so guilty about listening to him for free.

That said, I have the utmost sympathy for Founders Club members. After all, they had the gumption to step up and support Mike and Nova M when things were better (If I could just up my income, when it happens again, I'd like to be one of them, of course) and all they have is stress to show for it now. That's not a good prize!

So we'll have our stream back (1190 Nova M's iTunes stream has indeed gone silent) and for a while we'll get some free podcasts! The Drobny's loss appears to be our gain.

I'm thinking of taking up praying again if it will make Mike's self-synidication plan work out. But, oh, it could be so much worse!

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