Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Three Times Five Day!

Tomorrow is the 15th. Halfway through most months, it's been seen as a mere "hump day" for quite a while though.

But no longer. This month we celebrate the New Math and join the ranks of the growing mathematically-themed days by declaring that the fifteenthing is "Three times Five" day.

There are many benefits over "Three times Five" day over "Pi day" or "Square Root Day" or "Hyperbolic Arc-cosine Day" (Heaven forbid!). Among them:
  1. Almost anyone can conceptualize "three times five". WFT is "ln" supposed to be anyway?
  2. "Three times five" is easy to work out, even for Lars Larson and Victoria Taft listeners (though for them, this may require the doffing of a shoe).
  3. Both numbers have pleasant visual aspects, almost no matter how you represent them. They are also infinitely meaningful: The number three is considered perfect and holy amongst Christians, and the number five is quite popular amongst secular folks and people who shop at Saks.
  4. Perhaps best of all, you don't have to wait two years or six years or 100 or whatever if you missed this months "Three by Five" day to have a party. There's one next month! Or the month after that! And so on, and so on ...
So, there you are. From the enlightened cosmopolitan in the retail district on NW 23rd Avenue to the self-made preacher who thinks calculators are the work of the Devil, suspiciously eyeing the world from his armored-up compound in the hills out near Molalla, there's something for everyone here!

So join us this month for "Three times five" day! Unless you don't! Then, hey, next month for sure!

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