Friday, March 6, 2009

Surgeon General: So Much For Sanjay

The dreaded "personal reasons":

Television news celebrity and surgeon Sanjay Gupta will not be the nation’s top doctor, after pulling out of consideration for the post.

“Sanjay was under serious consideration for surgeon general. He told us he was going to withdraw for personal reasons. We hope he stays involved in public service,” said an Obama administration spokeswoman.

I'm not that disappointed. I wasn't that in love with Dr. Gupta as SG.

Let's get someone with a little less celebrity in there, please. Now, just who would be smart enough and passionate enough and largely responsible for the win for the good guys in the last election? It's right on the tip of my tongue ... who could it be ...


  1. we may never know the real reason for this withdrawal but we are way better off.

    "Staging Dr. Gupta"

  2. @agi: Thanks for the tip. You wrote a good post on it. I was having trouble remembering why I wasn't crazy about Dr. Gupta but the opposition to Universal Health Care made me wonder what Obama was thinking.

    One of the Sexiest Men Alive is one thing. Good Surgeon General is another. Though he would have cut quite a figure in that Admiral's uni, I guess.

    @Phil: Not only no but hell-to-the-no! Just-Plain-Phil (you) would make a better SG than Dr Phil, who's not actually an MD anyway.
    If, OTOH, you were suggesting yourself, you have my vote, sure enough.