Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bad News/Good News: The Faces Of The Oregon Republican Party

Welcome to Bad News/Good News, our occasional feature where we start with the silver lining only to be distracted by the dark cloud within. This edition:

The Oregon Republican Party

Yeah, those guys. Now, we have sympathy. We, as liberals, know what it's like to have everyone hating you for no good reason (although in your case, we think there are at least eight years of Good Reasons).

Anyway, very recently, RNC Chair Michael "I wasn't the bassist for the Bangles (sorry, Rush)" Steele visited Portland for no discernible reason (but it made the kulturkampfers feel good maybe). And who spoke at the gathering but Oregon's two Rushiest radio talkers: Lars "Actually Lives in Vancouver" Larson and Victoria "Hanging On For Dear Life at KPAM" Taft, as Carla "The Unimpeachable" Axtman reported over at BlueO.

Not the most promising speaker ticket. But let's look at Both Sides Now:

The Bad News: The most vocal advocates conservative Oregon Republicans have are Lars Larson and Victoria Taft.

The Good News: at least they don't dress like this:

Because just what the world doesn't need is more revealing clothes on Lars Larson.

(Image above hotlinked from TPM's CPAC coverage).

That's been another edition of Bad News/Good News.


  1. "We, as liberals, know what it's like to have everyone hating you for no good reason".

    Huh. Mildly interesting. You can't understand the reasons, so you "know" what it's like.

    So theres like knowledge venting out from oblivion. One wouldn't think that possible without some sort of "God" thingy involved, and since that doesn't "exist" to libiots, it leaves the same kind of inexplicable dillemna.

    Spontaneous ignorance spouting from nothingness for no good reason.

  2. Wow. To answer a posit you feel has no understanding you submit a response with no point.

    Brilliant. We're even now.

    One point though: mangling the word "liberal" to try to make an insult out of it impresses nobody but the choir anymore, and does not wound me. You get no extra points for this.