Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bike Tax: What He Said

I know a "me too" post shows a lack of creativity, but Patrick Emerson's writing out HB 3008, Wayne Krieger's Bike Tax, needs to be read and passed about:

Perhaps the stupidest public policy idea I have ever heard of is the
proposed bike tax. It is not worth talking about the proposal itself as
it is not going anywhere and is, as I think I mentioned, stupid. But
what is interesting to me is that, in fact, the appropriate public
policy is to subsidize bikes, not tax them.

Why? The negative externalities associated with bike riding:
virtually none. Minimal wear and tear on roads, sometimes a slight
slowdown in traffic and a extra line of paint for a bike lane. Positive
externalities associated with bike riding: lots.

Read all about it:

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