Monday, March 23, 2009

Teh Lars's New Syndicator Not Quite Sure What Teh Lars Is

Well, to be honest, he's puzzled us for a long, long time:

Lars Larson announces the selection of Compass Media Networks as its exclusive representative for national radio syndication effective March 30, 2009.

(Italics, larger font size, bolding are ours, nest-say-paw. I mean, it was all I could to to not use the blink tag here)


  1. Is this a syndication deal? It looks more than a talent representation deal.

  2. I don't honestly know, Kevin. What I do know is that Westwood One dropped teh Lars and now Compass is carrying him and all the stations who serve all the masses who crave him are going to keep getting him.

    You probably know better than me. To me, broadcast industry types are "them people".

  3. Heh - it's all Greek to me. I assume that Oregon Media Insiders are in the know and since they're characterizing it much the same as you are... apparently it is a syndication deal.