Friday, March 13, 2009

Ouch #1 Today: Fewer Multnomah County Employees, Due To The Economy

13 Multnomah County employees are not going to have a nice weekend (The Oregonian, "Friday the 13th brings 13 pink slips to Multnomah County employees"):

But Multnomah County can't avoid letting workers go. Its finances are worse because it serves more people and provides services other counties don't, and it has relied heavily on one-time money to pay for programs that have remained once the funding for them went away.

Today's layoffs hit as the county braces to lose hundreds of jobs when commissioners balance a budget for the next fiscal year that begins in July. The county must figure out how to absorb an expected $45 million funding gap.

Get ready for fewer services from fewer, overworked, and overstressed county employees. Looks like law enforcement, corrections, health dept ...

Maybe this was the bug up County Chair Ted Wheeler's butt when he told Commish Randy all about himself in his famous turn at the Portland Student Council this last week, hm?

It would get me upset.

And Ted wanted that job? Wow. He's more of a man that I am, that's for sure.

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