Thursday, March 12, 2009

PDX: Keeping Portland Normal

An employee at Powell's Books at PDX dyed her hair pink.

Some weeks later it had faded well under the pastel wavelength.

It was only then that some buzzkill complained.

And then PDX said "cap it, babe".

After some weeks?

WW proclaims the Port of Portland (who owns and runs PDX) the Rogue of the Week this week. We agree.

C'mon, people, its Powell's! If you want Suzy Brownshoe, go to Barnes & Noble. One of the reason to go to any Powell's is because you know attractive young women with candy-colored hair are going to be there.

I mean, I know some of you came to Portland hoping to sleep with one of the girls in the Lille or Gilt ads in the WW and PMerc, and just about now you realize it's not going to happen, so at least you can go to Powells and dream, amirite?

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