Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bravest Man In Baker County

Chuck Butcher needs no introduction to anyone stumbling on this blog.

The reason I mention this is that after noticing me following him and putting a couple comments on this blog, he made me a member of his blogroll. I have, naturally, reciprocated.

But I notice he's an old hand round these parts, and I'm a squirt, so any announcing on his behalf is hardly necessary on my part. But I do admire Chuck because he's Democratic Party chair in Baker County, and that takes some courage if you ask me.

More than I've got, that's for sure.

So, mad urban-style props to you, Chuck.

1 comment:

  1. Living in Baker Co means having Republican friends and they forgive me. If there is any bravery involved it is about seeing work and trying to do it.

    As I've read more of 'chinuk' the sorrier I am it took this long to get him linked on my site. My roll is a compendium of 'B' (or Z) list blogs I've read and like. I think H-po is on there as a convenience, but these are the hard working unrecognized that bring something else.

    Thanks for the compliments.