Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Can We Be Unhappy When We Have Unicorns?

Over at Blue Oregon, my go to site for stealing ideas for commentary keeping my finger on the pulse of what's going on in the progressive world of Oregon, it would seem a Business Week article has named ol' PDX, ol' cloudy-rainy-emo PDX, the number 1 most unhappy city in America.

You know what makes me unhappy? Magazines looking for copy by selecting a basket of arbritrarily-chosen metrics and rating them. Now that's American journalism for you!

Well, anything to avoid apologizing to Rush Limbaugh, I suppose.

But it would seem that we have the spirit of the unicorn around here. It appears that Portland is not only built on an ancient unicorn burial ground:

(there's a naughtier version at this blogger's place here)

... but also they've been taking an inscrutable interest in Portland politics. They've been to city council meetings:

... and to campaign photo-ops:

How can you possibly be unhappy knowing that there's unicorns among us?


  1. There is a small herd of them just outside of Maywood Park near the 84/205 interchange.

  2. Go Raiders:

    that's true. You can't. Nothing else to add there.


    Someone needs to get a picture of that.

  3. I had my suspicions that there was some mysterious magical force that was working covertly to keep Portland weird. Now I know. Thank you O one-horned creature!