Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nova M/On Second Thought Refugee Update

From what we just heard on Malloy, they're going to have a remodeled web presence on or about the first week of April.

They're looking at at new podcast subscription service, so enjoy those free podcasts (via Ben Burch's White Rose Society) while you can. However, Mike is saying they're going to make the new podcast subscriptions more affordable than Nova M Founders Club was, so maybe more of us will be able to get on the bandwagon. I sure plan on it if I can afford that.

Actually, after checking Ben Burch's main page, I found the following bit of good news:

After the Mike Malloy show goes to
subscription service, probably at the beginning of April, the same
situation will apply as with Thom Hartmann's archives; They will be
podcast and archived for free, on a seven-day embargo.

I will be adding the archives of Stephanie Miller and possibly also
Bill Press on the same terms at some time in the near future. Details
to follow as I know them.

So pay to get it current or wait a week and get it for free. Seems fair to me. We liberal radio listeners owe a hell of a lot to Ben Burch. If my personal economy every improves, I plan on donating. If you, dear reader, have a few bucks, you should throw it his way.

This is great! My iPod (bought used FWIW) sounds great with Mike and Kathy coming out of its speakers.

Checking up on Randi Rhodes, we see that her website still has the complete text that she posted up there when the Nova M balloon went up. That could use a little bit of updating, since there's no Nova M anymore, they won't be making up with anyone anytime soon.

Nancy Skinner's still motorboatin' along, and is gaining my respect. Talk about making lemons out of lemonade. And she's like Randi without all the stuff a long of Randi-haters complain about, so she should have appeal enough to keep going.

The websites for On Second Thought and 1190 Nova M (KNUV, Phoenix) are, as Generalissimo Francisco Franco is, still dead. Rumor is that KNUV is back to broadcasting Spanish language programming, as it was before Nova M's flagship moved from KPHX to KNUV.

And so it goes.

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