Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Give Jeff Merkley Mad Props, Yo!

He's actually doing what he's promised to do, taking on the credit card companies.

Do they allow that in Washington any more?


  1. Hey, are you getting the press release emails from his office? I'd requested that they add you to the list and I'm just curious as to whether they did it or not.

  2. I haven't got a press release yet. Maybe they're going to the.chinuk@preemptivekarma.com instead of the.chinuk@gmail.com.

    How do I check my netmail on PK, come to that?

    Private reply on this at the gmail account is problly best.

  3. Hey - if you like what Merkley is doing, you should set up a fundraising page to thank him on ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/pages/new/18219

  4. that's a nifty Idea, matt. I'll look into that.