Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Donate To Jeff Merkley Via ActBlue

Matt, from the comments in the last article, suggested that if I love Jeff Merkley so much, then why don't I marry him ...

... no, no, joke! joke! I maek funnay joak!

Anyhow, he suggested I set up a donation page at ActBlue, so I did.

My pitch is, ever since Jeff got to Washington he's actually been doing the things we elected him to do, and money makes the world go round. I'm saying, every time he takes action on credit cards, or mortgages, or any one of the many things he said he'd promise us he'd do, we should go and toss him a bone or two ... whatever you have.

Because I'll bet he'll notice that, the little thank you's (and the big ones too).

Anyway, the quick-donation box is in the sidebar there, and my own page at ActBlue to donate to Jeff is here:

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  1. Hey, great to see you set up that page! For anyone else reading this, ActBlue fundraising pages are great ways to show support for candidates/legislators you approve of.