Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mannix: You Know Their Tired Of You When They Won't Even Laugh At Your Jokes Anymore

So it seems that Kevin "Not The 1970s TV Detective" Mannix knows how to see in April – with a rather high-quality joke:

Because Oregon doesn't have an LG, you see. In case you aren't in on the joke.

Read here at the WW Kev's press release. I don't appreciate Republicans (and Kevvy less than most) but I do appreciate a healthy sense of humor, and this was a good one.

But boy, do his Republican cohort wish he'd just enjoy retirement. One editorial in the Oregon Catalyst and the disdain just happens. It ain't pretty. You can read it at this URL:

which I'm going to make you cut and paste because I'm not going to sully my beautiful blog with links to a place like that.

Kevin, you are now an outcast in your own party.

Didn't think that would happen, did you?

That's the way your party rolls, though. Anyone on the outside could have told you that.

But anyone on the outside is an enemy, amirite?

But seriously, I thought it was a good one.

But everyone knows that, out of respect, John Lim was going to get to be LG first.


  1. As April Fools jokes go this was didn't work very well. When I first read about it my brain just froze. I was immediately thrown by the whole LG angle. At first I didn't know if I'd lost my mind, was vastly more ignorant than I'd thought, or had somehow woke up in the middle of The Twilight Zone. Whatever the case, I didn't read beyond the very first reference to Lieutenant Governor.

    As we all know, any joke which has to be explained has failed on the launch pad. That was the case here for me. LOL

  2. Yeah, well, I'm running for King of Oregon, so Mannix will answer to me.

  3. Tossed you a link, FYI. I laughed again.

  4. @ Kevin: I take your point. I'll have to respectfully disagree, but I will say this: whenever some conservative like Mannix starts to pontificate and get taken seriously, my fight-or-flight reflex kicks in, and I kind of feel the same way.

    @ Phil: I'd help you become king of Oregon just to make Mannix cry.

    @ Chuck: Glad to be of service. Thanks and well met.