Saturday, January 31, 2009

Schadenfreude, Episode 1

Now that Pajamas Media is going all PajamasTV and sh*t, guess they don't have any use for the foot soldiers any more ...

PJM to Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom (amongst other prolix waste):

As you know, last September Pajamas Media began a new initiative in Internet television called Pajamas TV. When we started with our RNC coverage from Minneapolis, we noted that we would be in a Beta Phase through the first quarter of 2009. In the last few months we have strengthened the PJTV lineup with shows covering Media Bias, Education Bias, Middle East Update, Sharia and Jihad, Powerline Report, Ask Dr. Helen, Hugh News, Poliwood, Conservatism 2.0, Economy and Finance, National Security, and others.

As the end of the first quarter approaches and we near the production phase of Pajamas TV, we will continue to build our emphasis in this area. As a result we have decided to wind down the Pajamas Media Blogger and advertising network effective March 31, 2009. The PJM portal and the XPressBlogs will continue as is.

Jeff reacts:

What this means is that as of April 1, I am officially out of work. So save going to a pay model, this site will likely have to shut down.

Small price to pay for helping PJM pick up an audience and credibility during its “formative years.”

Yeah. Wank in public for free and what thanks do you get?

And you thought that liberals were the only people who threw their own under the bus. Actually, this seems more like a movement eating its own young, but still.

BTW, by "crediblity" I think you actually meant to say "risibility". Hope that helped.

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